About Houston Driver Improvement Clinic


Houston Driver Improvement Clinic has been in business since 1988. Our instructors have a combined 31 years of driving school education experience. We help educate our community, and our purpose is to help students to become better drivers.


Meet Our Staff


Debbie Wilburn, Office Manager
Debbie was born and raised in Warner Robins, and has been with Houston Driver Improvement Clinic for 19 years. Outside of work, she loves spending time with her grandchildren and enjoys fishing.


Katina Simmons, Instructor
Katina Simmons was born in Detroit, Michigan, and moved to Georgia at the age of 7. She grew up and attended school in Dodge County, where she graduated from Dodge County High School. 

Katina later attended college as an adult and received an Associate’s Degree of Science in Sociology and in Criminal Justice from Middle Georgia College. She also received a Bachelor’s Degree of Science  from Mercer University and a Master’s Degree of Science in Mental Health Counseling from Fort Valley State University. Katina is currently certified as a Sex Offender Counselor and employed with the Department of Juvenile Justice as a Sex Offender Coordinator.

Additionally, Katina is also a Certified D.U.I. Instructor and a Certified Defensive Driving Instructor through the Department of Driver Services. Katina enjoys instructing these classes because she has  a passion to help others . She wants to make roadways safer and to see lives saved through the things learned from her teachings during DUI and Defensive Driving classes.

Katina enjoys spending  time with her family, bowling, playing basketball, and relaxing at the beach during her spare time.


Class Information


Defensive Driving Class

The Driver Improvement Class is licensed and approved by the Georgia Department of Driver Services. The curriculum is provided and licensed by the Georgia Association of Risk Reduction and Defensive Driving Educators, which is also known as (G.A.R.D.E.). The Driver Improvement Program focuses on traffic laws, rules & regulations, and defensive driving driving techniques. This course also focuses on rural driving, urban driving, impaired driving, conditions of driving, and driver and occupant safety. One of the main objectives is to teach the students what the law requires and how to drive in the safest way to reduce risk of hazards on the highway.

You may be interested in taking the Defensive Driver Course if you have been ordered to attend a State Certified Driver Improvement Program, if you are attempting to reinstated a suspension and the Department of Driver Services has notified you that you must complete a State approved Driver Improvement Program for reinstatement, if you are interested in possibly removing points from your driving history, or you would simply like to learn how to become a better driver!


D.U.I & Drug Class

Our D.U.I & Drug classes are approved by the Georgia Department of Driver Services. The curriculum is provided and licensed by the Prime for Life Program. The program provides research based information about alcohol and drug risks. This course focuses on increasing abstinence, reducing high risk behaviors, and consistently making low risk choices to avoid the progression into alcoholism or drug addiction. Risk Reduction allows individuals to see how to protect the things they value most.

Most of our D.U.I. & Drug class students take the class because they were Ordered to do so by a Court. Also, please note you must take a Georgia Department of Driver Services Approved D.U.I. & Drug Class to reinstated your Georgia Driver's License if you plead or were convicted of the Criminal Offense of D.U.I. in the State of Georgia. Please note that you may take the D.U.I. & Drug Class before you are ordered to do so by the Court and use the Certificate of Completion to later reinstate your License in the event that your Driver's License is suspended due to a later plea of Guilt or Nolo Contendre or a finding of guilty to a D.U.I. offense by a Court.